5 Worst Foods for Weight Loss

Bad foods for weight loss. Don't sabotage your own progress! Stay away from these 5 worst foods for weight loss so you'll reach all of your weight loss goals as fast as possible!

Most of us have had the main tenets of weight loss (eat less, move more) drilled into us a countless number of times. Yet, when you stick to those you find yourself going nowhere. Why is that? It could be as simple (and easy correctable) as the foods you’re eating that you shouldn’t be.

Much of what we eat has been pitched to us for years as part of a healthy diet and great for losing weight, but in reality is definitely NOT good for either. But we’re going to cut through all the noise and let you in on the worst offenders! Keep reading…

“Healthy” Frozen Dinners

Before eating anything, you’ll want to check to make sure you can fit the calories into your diet. Many of the so-called healthy meals you’ll see in the frozen section will pass this test with flying colors — but they’re still to be avoided at all costs.

Why’s that? Well, they’re also sky-high in sodium levels. Maybe you knew that already, maybe not — but the important thing you need to know is that these high sodium levels cause major water retention. That leaves you feeling bloated, miserable, and obviously not on the right path to weight loss.

Fiber-Packed Snack Bars

Getting plenty of fiber is an essential part of a healthy diet. It helps keep your digestive system running smoothly and prevents hunger, which is certainly a wonderful quality when you’re trying to lose weight.

But the snack bars you’ll see promoting their high fiber content oftentimes come packed with calories as well. And their fiber benefits aren’t all they’ve made them out to be, as your body won’t fully utilize it when it gets all of it in one shot like that.

To fully reap the appetite-killing and digestive tract benefits of fiber, spread your intake of it throughout the day. Fruits and veggies are foods that are high in fiber which will fit into any diet — have some at each meal instead.

Juice (Even 100%)

Just because it was made from something that came from a tree doesn’t it make it healthy (even if it’s 100%)! Like some of the foods we’ve mentioned so far, drinks like orange juice are also going to be very high in sugar.

Foods high in sugar cause your insulin levels to spike, which increases your appetite. Clearly, you can see why that’s an issue. And this is all before we consider the calories they contain… just 8oz of orange juice (probably less than you’d actually drink) is 100+ calories! Stick to water.

Foods High in Simple Carbs

Snacking on foods like crackers, dry cereal, and even rice cakes may sound like a great idea, but they’re actually a few of the first things you want to avoid if you’re wanting to lose weight. And it’s not just those few, you want to avoid any foods high in simple carbs.

Simple carbs cause your body to produce more insulin, which also spikes your appetite. This leads to those unfortunate times we’ve all had where you find yourself coming out of some sort of food coma an hour later, wondering what happened to all your food.

Also steer clear of other high simple carb foods, like white breads and pastas. Instead, look for healthy alternatives that are low carb, or that use complex carbs — like those you’ll find in foods that are whole grain.

Foods Pitched as Low-Fat

The low-fat craze isn’t as popular as it was in years past, but there’s still plenty of us that zero in on a food’s fat content when we’re checking nutritional labels. But unfortunately, researchers have found that it has an unintended — and very negative — side effect.

When eating foods that are pitched as low-fat, it was observed that we tend to eat about 30% more. Part may be due a lingering perception that low-fat means healthy causing us to eat more, but there’s more to it than just that.

When fat is removed from foods, it’s of course also going to remove some of the flavor. Food producers compensate for this lack of taste by kicking up the sugar levels, which has the nasty side effect of increasing hunger.

Learning the foods you need to avoid should give your weight loss journey the kick in the butt it’s been needing. Stick to it and you’ll see results! Oh, and be sure to pin this in case a friend is snacking on these diet-killers and wondering why the pounds aren’t falling off! 🙂

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