10 Winter Weight Loss Tips

Why wait until it’s warmed up to get started on weight loss? Start now, and you’ll be well on the way to your goals, or already there and ready to show your new self off, by the time warm weather reappears! Keep reading for 10 winter weight loss tips!

1. Set a Year End Goal

What’s your big health and fitness goal? If you’ve not got one yet, now’s the time to fix that. You’ve probably got an ideal weight in mind that you’re ultimately working towards so why not get started on that by setting an end of year goal?

Saying that you’ll drop 20 pounds (or whatever your end goal is!) may seem daunting and may even impossible when you only focus on the end of the road goal. By taking baby steps along the way, however, you highly increase your chances of succeeding.

Aim to lose a pound or two each week rather than focusing purely on the total amount you’re looking to drop. This makes everything seem much less daunting and more achievable.

Breaking things down into mini goals that you can realistically tick off regularly keeps you motivated and feeling accomplished as you go!

2. Keep Your Workouts Indoors

Winter weight loss isn’t just for those of us out there who love braving the cold. Stay bundled up inside and keep kicking butt by trying out a few of our at home exercise routines!

Try 5 at home exercises that burn more calories than running, or maybe 5 butt exercises you can do while watching Netflix. If you’re still looking for more, head over to our Exercise section where there’s always something fresh to try!


Just not feeling it today? Have to get the house ready for holiday visitors? Finals coming up and you’ve got to think of things to do so you can avoid studying?

Don’t worry, it happens to everyone no matter who they are! Separate yourself from the pack, and keep your weight loss on track by at least doing a little bit of something on those days.

Do 20 bodyweight squats before you get in the shower, or maybe try out some of the ab exercises from our 10 minute routine, for example. Oftentimes, once you get going you’ll decide to just finish and do a full workout.

But if not, you still did something positive to bring you closer to your goal and for that you should be proud!

weight loss winterImage Credit: theclassyfitness

4. Go for Steps Over Workouts

Don’t have time to make it to the gym? No problem! Change focus and strap on an activity tracker like a Fitbit instead. Aim to do a set number of steps over the course of the day (10,000 for example).

If the weather’s keeping you stuck indoors, catch up on some cleaning or straightening up around the house — you’ll be shocked to see just how much that actually gets you moving (and burning calories!).

5. Don’t Skip Meals

It might make sense to skip a meal when you know you’re heading to a holiday party where there will be lots of goodies. But while there’s nothing wrong with having a small sampling of “bad” foods while you’re dieting, you’re actually setting yourself up for failure.

Skipping meals — at any time, not just before events — doesn’t actually make you eat less calories overall. You’re actually more likely to be starving later, leading to binges which will erase all the calories you “saved” and then some.

Instead, eat a healthy snack before the party, or read our article on avoiding overeating if you’re worried about eating too much.

6. Load Up on Protein

Protein is a great way to start the day because it will keep you feeling full and satisfied, meaning you’re less likely to indulge in mid-morning cravings. Begin your day with a nice breakfast like eggs, or if you don’t have time to eat, a protein shake.

As you go throughout your day, continue to look for foods that are high in protein like tuna, turkey, and chicken and you’ll stay feeling full and focused on your day — not on eating.

7. Know Your Carbs

Think all carbs are bad? Not always! Slow-digesting carbs like vegetables, beans, and certain types of fruit (apples, oranges, and grapefruit are a few) will keep your glucose levels steady, meaning you’ll be much less likely to binge on foods that will ruin your diet.

Throw in things like beans and dairy and you’ve got your protein fix to keep you feeling fuller for longer. Fast-digesting carbs like white bread and pasta are the ones you really need to look out for. If you are going to have them, save it for post-workout when you body will use them most efficiently.

8. Plan Your Meals

On cold winter mornings, the last thing you want is to have to drag yourself out of your warm bed and start preparing lunches, snacks and other food for the day ahead. Do yourself a favor and get the legwork done at a more convenient time such as the weekend.

It takes us more time to get out the door in the mornings during the winter, meaning less time for a healthy breakfast or meals later in the day. Avoid putting your future hungry self in a tough “healthy or craving” food decision by removing the possibility and packing a lunch or pre-making dinner.

9. Stay Hydrated

Feeling hungry? Before you reach for a snack, your body might be after something else. Dehydration often shows itself as hunger pangs when all you really want is a glass of water.

If you’re feeling hungry but it’s not quite meal time yet, try drinking 2 glasses of water and waiting 30 minutes. University researchers found that those that did this before each of the day’s 3 main meals lost an average of 9.48 pounds over just 12 weeks!

Drinking water also helps to combat lethargy, so if you’re feeling worn out, it may not be the winter — your body just wants a glass of water!

Hopefully, this has given you more than a few ideas that will have you looking hot even when its cold outside! Good luck, and don’t forget to pin this so you’ll have it around whenever you need a refresher!