11 Inspirational Weight Loss Transformations

Weight loss transformations. 11 inspiring weight loss before and afters. Find out how they did it, and get motivated for your own weight loss journey, all just by reading this article!

Get inspired! These 11 inspirational ladies prove it is possible to not just lose the weight, but to keep it off as well! With each weight loss transformation we’ve included links to let you learn more about each woman’s journey and to follow along with their continuing progress.

Yasmin Tuncdoruk

weight loss transformation yasmin

Incredible! Learn more about Yasmin’s diet and the workouts she used during her inspiring weight loss by visiting her tumblr and Instagram pages.

Terica Messmer

terica messmer weight loss

terica messmer transformation

Terica’s transformation shows the amazing progress that can be made in short amounts of time when you just have determination. Learn more about Terica Messmer’s transformation in this interview with T&T.

Kaelin Tuell

weight loss journey kaelin tuell

Kaelin went from flabby to fitness model pro! Follow her on Instagram and Twitter where she gives us regular updates on her workouts.

Michelle Treichel

michelle treichel journey
Find out more about the Michelle Treichel weight loss journey here.

Jessica aka “Treadmillionaire”

treadmillionaire weight loss

Jessica dropped more than 150 pounds during her incredible weight loss transformation. Keep up with her ongoing progress by visiting her tumblr and Instagram pages.

Barbara Baez

barbara baez transformation

Learn about how Barbara Baez made her amazing fitness model transformation here.

Jessica aka “Tiny Vessels”

weight loss tiny vessels

tiny vessels transformation

Small in height (4’10”), but large in determination, tatted beauty Jessica is one of the most inspirational weight loss journeys you’ll ever see. Keep up with her progress on her tumblr and Instagram pages.

Natasha Gage

transformation natasha gage

Read about how Natasha Gage overcame her fears after being fitted with a pacemaker to achieve her dream body in this interview.

Criss Fowler

weight loss criss fowler

Although she is the subject of one of the web’s most well-known weight loss transformation pictures, Criss Fowler’s journey remains mostly unknown. Read how she did it here.

Sophia Thiel

sophia thiel

Sophia went from flabby to fit. She now shares her journey and keeps us updated on her website and Facebook page (German language).

Corina Nielsen

corina nielsen workout

Corina lets us in on how she maintains that amazing figure and still indulges her sweet tooth on her blog Live Fit.

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