Stop Sugar Cravings Today: 10 Ways to Stop Craving Sweets!

How to stop craving sweets. 10 easy to follow, proven ways to stop eating sweets STARTING TODAY! Quit struggling with how to quit craving sugar by learning these 10 tips to control your sweet tooth, all in this article!

One of the toughest parts of any diet is changing the foods we eat. You’ve got goals you want to reach, but the cravings for sugary sweets like our old nemesis chocolate can be hard to overcome! But lucky for us there are solutions that will help you stop sugar cravings and keep your diet on track. Read on for our list!

Remove Sweet Temptations: If you don’t trust yourself to be able to avoid sweet treats if they’re in your pantry, the first trick is to get rid of them competely so that they’re not taunting you with their presence. Knowing that they’re not that there any more gives you the freedom to stop your sugar cravings for good, with no chance that you’ll give into temptation in a weak moment.

Get More Protein: Your sugar cravings could be caused by a lack of protein in your diet. Start the day off on the right note with a protein rich breakfast such as eggs to fill you up for longer. Eating more protein helps you to feel fuller and snack less, which has got to be good if you’re fighting the dreaded sugar cravings!

Reach for Something Healthy: When sugar cravings strike and you feel like you’re starving, compromise by eating something healthy to satisfy your appetite without giving into a sugar rush. Ideally, this will stop you wanting to have a sugary snack at all but if it doesn’t quite work, at least you should be far less tempted than you were before.

Snack on Green Beans: Eating something healthy may curb your appetite and reduce the urge to snack on sugary treats but it won’t always do the trick completely. In this scenario, you need to bring out the big guns to stop your sugar cravings in their tracks.

Strange as it may sound, green beans are a great way to do this. For a quick fix, microwave a cup of them when you feel the overwhelming urge to eat sugar and your cravings should disappear.

Eat Regular Meals: If you go too long between meals, your blood sugar levels will drop and you’re much more likely to crave a sweet treat to rectify this. Even if you’re otherwise trying really hard to get rid of your sugar cravings, this mistake can undo all of the other hard work that you’re putting in. Regular meals will keep your blood sugar at a more constant level and help you to keep a lid on your cravings.

Chew Gum Between Meals: Studies have shown that chewing gum in between meals will reduce sugar cravings and makes you less likely to want to eat sweet treats. Just make sure it’s of the sugar free variety so you don’t defeat the object of chewing it!

Stock Up on Vital Minerals: This one is more key for women, especially in the run up to your period, but can also affect men. It’s been proven that sugar cravings can become much more of a problem in the week leading up to “that” time of the month, often due to not getting enough of key minerals such as iron and magnesium. Low levels of these important minerals play a big role in causing cravings for sweets.

Add Some Spice to Your Life: Adding spices like cinnamon will add a sweet edge to meals that can satisfy sugar cravings without actually giving into the urge. As an added bonus, this also helps to balance out your blood sugar levels so that you’re less likely to experience a “crash” that gets you desperately reaching for a sugar rush.

Eat Coconut Oil: Getting into the habit of adding coconut oil to meals can help to boost your metabolism and banish sugar cravings. You can add it to things like soups, smoothies and stir fries as an easy way to tackle your cravings. Extra virgin coconut oil is the best option.

Go for a Walk: When sugar cravings are strong, it’s a good idea to look to distract yourself until the feelings start to ease. Going for a walk is a great way to take your mind off the urge to eat sugar and get some exercise into the bargain.

How to stop craving sweets. 10 easy to follow ways to stop eating sugar and sweets! Learn how to finally get control of your sweet tooth by using the 10 tricks in this article!Image Credit: ffm

Hopefully, this has given you a few great options to turn to the next time a craving for sugar strikes you. Some get you up and moving while others give you healthy options to turn to instead, but all should help.

Make sure to pin this so you’ll be able to remind yourself of your options the next time a chocolate craving shows its ugly face!