How to Start Working Out in the Morning

How to start working out in the morning using these 8 easy to stick with, proven morning exercise tips! Quit hitting snooze and start reaching your weight loss goals faster using the 8 tips for morning exercise in this article!

Working out is tough enough. But beginning a morning exercise routine, whether you’re a seasoned vet or just getting started, can be extremely difficult. Sure, it sounds great in the afternoon or the night before, but things change when that alarm starts blaring in the early hours!

So, how exactly do we get our butts up and out of bed and ready to workout when we’ve just woken up? Well, it’s not the easiest thing you’ll ever do but with a few small and simple to make changes you’ll realize it’s not so tough either!

1. Set out everything the night before

One sure thing that will send you back to bed rather than out the door in the morning is to be missing something you need for your exercise routine. Take care of this the night before and set out everything you need, or pack it in a workout bag if you’re hitting the gym.

Include all your workout wear and not just pants and a shirt: ladies, make sure you have a sports bra ready, find those clean socks, and so on. And don’t forget to charge up your phone, grab your earbuds, and throw a small towel in your bag.

2. Choose something realistic

It’s good to have lofty goals for your morning workout, but you also need to be realistic or you could get overwhelmed and give up altogether. If you’re just getting started, don’t be afraid to start slow at first. Trying to do to much in the beginning could lead to you struggling and giving up.

Setting a tough to reach goal will be easier to make excuses for in the early hours of the morning. If you’re just starting running, for example, you’ll be much quicker to change your mind and stay in bed if you’ve told yourself you’ll run 5 miles, versus something realistic like a half-mile jog.

3. Plan your workout

Once you’ve chosen something manageable for your routine, you then want to plan it out specifically. For example, if you’re going for a light jog, plan your route beforehand. Make sure it’s something safe and well-lighted for early mornings.

If you’ll combine cardio and resistance, plan how long you’ll be on the treadmill versus lifting weights. Having a clear cut plan will allow you to just get up and go, rather than having to plan out a routine while you’re still waking up.

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4. Have a light breakfast

Working out on a very empty stomach can be too taxing on your system, but you also don’t want to stuff yourself with a huge bowl of oatmeal or a big omelet. Have something light and healthy like a small bowl of whole grain cereal, a protein shake, or an energy bar.

These will give you plenty of protein and carbs to fuel your workout and should have just enough calories to keep your mind off hunger. Even a nice glass of orange juice and a piece of toast can be just what you need to give you a boost of energy for your workout.

5. Give yourself a few minutes to get going

Don’t assume you’ll wake up and immediately hit the ground running. It’s possible you’ll need a few minutes to get your blood going and get motivated before heading out the door. Use those minutes to do a light warm-up or even a simple chore like making the bed.

Don’t use your initial grogginess as an excuse to crawl back into that bed, but be patient with yourself as your body gets ready and gets the blood flowing you’ll need for your workout. Some light stretching is a great way to accomplish this.

6. Watch something motivational the night before

Be sure you take a few minutes to watch something motivational before calling it a night. That might be a good lecture on weight loss and fitness, inspiring fitness images, or even just an energetic and inspiring music video.

If you do this right before bedtime, you’ll take those positive thoughts with you and be more motivated to get going as soon as you wakeup. To keep things moving during your workout, use fun and upbeat music.

7. Go to bed!

Your morning workout routine starts the night before with a good night’s rest. Make sure that you head to bed early enough so you can plenty of the quality rest (try for 7-8 hours if you’re able) you’ll need for tomorrow’s workout.

Rather than waiting until you fall asleep on the couch, plan your bedtime exactly and start your evening routine early enough to make it happen. This means things like straightening up, brushing your teeth, and getting the items you’ll need for your workout ready to go.

Now that you know how to get up and moving in the morning, the only step left is to actually do it! If you’ll be staying in for your workout, be sure to check out our article on at home workouts that burn more calories than running!

Oh, and be sure to pin this in case you find yourself lagging down the road and need some reminders on how to workout in the morning! 🙂

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