11 Small Changes That Speed Up Weight Loss

How to speed up losing weight! 11 simple to make changes that will help you lose weight faster that are proven and easy to stick with! Find out about all 11 quick weight loss tips by reading this article!

Not every weight loss method involves 2 hours straight killing yourself at the gym, or splitting meals with rabbits! There are actually tons of simple to stick with, small changes you can make that will speed up your weight loss in a big way. Keep reading for 11 of the easiest to follow!

Cut Your TV Time: What are you doing during most (if not all) of your mindless snacking sessions? Probably watching television. No one wants to miss the latest Game of Thrones, but there’s no reason you can’t cut 30 minutes to an hour per day to instead do something healthy like go for a walk.

Eat More Spinach: Spinach is so low calorie that you may as well consider it zero calorie. It also comes packed with tons of vitamins, as well as a healthy dose of fiber and protein. Mix it in with a healthy omelette or try it on a turkey sandwich.

Get Up Earlier: Don’t have time for a healthy breakfast or a morning workout? Sure you do! Get to bed earlier, so you can also wake up earlier and start a healthy morning routine. Make an hour before your desired bedtime phone-free and it will help you wind down to the earlier time.

Park Further Away: Try using some of those extra minutes you now have in the mornings to park further away from work or school. You’ll burn more calories and further strengthen your healthy mindset that will make saying no to temptation throughout the day a breeze.

Watch Your Condiments: Healthy meals can quickly be ruined if you’re using the wrong condiments. Ranch and mayo have tons of calories, while ketchup and BBQ sauce have huge amounts of sugar which will spike your appetite. Opt for low-cal, low sugar options like salsa or hot sauce.

Keep Yourself Hydrated: Water improves your mood, cognitive function, and skin but it can also have a big effect on weight loss. Studies have proven having a glass of water 30 minutes before meals not only suppresses your appetite, but also boosts your metabolism. Drink up!

Always Have Water Handy: Keeping in track with the last point, make it easier to drink more water by always having water on hand. Having a nice, cool drink right there and waiting will make you much more likely to make the healthy choice rather than giving in and having a soda.

Cook Just Once More: Cooking every night just not realistic for your lifestyle? No problem, but surely you can commit to just one more night per week. Even a little bit goes a long ways over time. Better yet, use that night to pre-prepare healthy meals for your more hectic nights of the week!

Skip Juice, Go Natural: The natural sugars in fruit spike your appetite, but if it’s a treat you don’t want to give up, opt for the natural versions not fruit juices. An orange contains significantly less sugar than a glass of orange juice, which could contain plenty of other unwanted ingredients as well.

skip fruit juice

Pack Up the Leftovers: Telling yourself you’ll stick to just one plate is easy to do at the beginning of dinner, but sometimes it just tastes so good you can’t resist a second helping. Remove the option (or at least make it much harder) by packing up the extra food before you start eating.

Just make these small but highly effective changes to your lifestyle and the pounds should start falling off you in a major way! But we all have slip-ups here and there, so be sure to pin this in case you need a reminder at some point down the road. Good luck! 🙂

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