10 Things Skinny Women Do Every Morning

Healthy morning habits for losing weight. 8 proven and effective ways to quit hitting snooze, and get up and get moving! Reach your losing weight goals faster by using the 8 healthy morning tips in this article!

How you start your day can make or break you. Get off on the right foot, and you’re likely to have a productive, enjoyable and healthy day. But make the wrong choices, and you’ve set yourself up for a disastrous, diet-killing day without even realizing it.

But not all women have this problem. They seem to lead very similar lives to you, so what is it exactly that these healthy, skinny women are doing differently in the mornings? The answers are simpler and much easier to follow than you realized! Read on to learn their secrets!

Get Up Early

It’s tempting to stay in bed until you absolutely HAVE to get up, but you should resist that urge. Getting up and going with plenty of time to spare will allow you time to complete a productive, healthy morning routine that starts your day off on the path to success.

Scrambling to get yourself and your things together before you’re out the door leads to stress, which has been proven to lead to weight gain. Don’t sabotage your morning — lay out your clothes and other things you’ll need the next day and get to bed early.

If you’re chronically hitting the snooze button on your phone, try placing it where you’ll have to get out of bed to reach it. Better yet, try these free alarm apps for iPhone or Android that require you to solve a simple math problem before shutting off the alarm.

Drink a Glass of Lemon Water

Being sure to have a glass of water first thing in the morning is a great idea. You’ll rehydrate, and water helps to decrease your appetite and is good for your skin. But now it’s time to add some lemon to your morning refreshment.

Adding lemon to your morning glass of water has the wonderful benefits of aiding and cleansing your digestive system, as well as boosting your immune system. And let’s be honest, it just tastes better too!

Listen to Upbeat, Happy Music

Load up your favorite playlist with positive, upbeat music to listen to as you prepare for your day. The music will put you in a better mood, ensuring that you’ll head out the door with a smile on your face.

Heading out on the right foot often makes all the difference in the world with how you handle the stresses that are bound to come at you everyday. So rather than giving in and having a greasy burger for lunch, you’ll have no problem opting for something that’s both delicious AND healthy.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Start your day with a rushed meal, a calorie-packed coffee, or nothing at all and you doom the rest of your day to failure. One indulgence in the morning quickly becomes a situation of “well, I cheated this morning so cheating at lunch won’t make much difference…”

Skip eating altogether and you set yourself up for binges that not only kill your motivation, but also your waistline. Begin your day with a healthy breakfast and you’ll be much more likely to stay on track through the rest of the day.

Write Down 3 Things You’re Grateful For

Starting your morning off by writing down 3 things you’re grateful for will begin your day with a positive mindset. You’ll think more clearly, be more pleasant to be around, and will have an easier time sticking to your goals and being appreciate for what you have.

Writing them down in a journal — or even just keeping notes in your phone — will help you to retain them in your memory and keep them present on your mind as you go about the day, meeting the stresses that come with it!

Repeat Positive Affirmations

It’s important to appreciate yourself and what you have in your life. This will improve your self-esteem and sense of well-being, both of which will reduce your levels of stress. Spend 30 seconds each morning repeating positive statements about yourself and your life in the mirror.

Read Something Inspiring

You’ve written down what you’re thankful for and repeated positive thoughts about yourself, now it’s time to get inspired. Take a few minutes to read from an inspirational book or browse a motivational Pinterest board. You could even look back on your list of things for which you’re grateful!

Practice Deep Breathing

As you go throughout your day, the stresses of everyday life are bound to pop up. Avoid the temptation to turn to unhealthy outlets like junk food or soda by taking a quick moment to yourself to practice deep breathing. Just 10 seconds could help you avoid a diet-ruining snack.


Make the day an active one by starting it out with some stretches, or even light exercise if you’re up to it. You’ll get yourself wide awake, burn some calories, ease tension, and loosen up any muscles or joints that tightened up overnight.

Morning exercise will get your metabolism humming while boosting your mood as you go on about your day. And if you feel up to doing an early morning workout, you’ll go throughout the rest of the day knowing the hardest part is already behind you?

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Plan Your Day

Take time to plan out your days using a calendar app on your phone. While it may seem unnecessary at first, especially if your schedule doesn’t change much, you’ll quickly find that the peace of mind is well worth the trouble.

Planning ahead will allow you to consider what you’ll need beforehand, and how you can work in healthy choices around your day. Notice you’ve got a bit of extra time before a meeting or class? Take the opportunity to park further away, or grab a quick healthy snack to prevent a binge later.

You’ll also be able to quickly spot where you’re unknowingly wasting precious time.

So, nothing there you can’t do, right? The only step from here is to begin putting these changes into place in your life! They’ll start benefiting you immediately, so why not get started tomorrow? Enjoy the new you! 🙂

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