7 Secrets of Skinny Girls

Weight loss secrets. 7 habits of skinny girls that will help you start losing weight and keep it off for good! Check out all 7 real, actionable tips to lose weight by reading this article!

We all have that skinny friend who seemingly eats whatever she wants. Ice cream, cookies, cake — nothing seems to add to her svelte figure.

She’ll eat the healthy options when you do, as well as the treats, but the only one who seems to pay the price is you. Why is that? What is her secret?

The answer is probably simpler than you realize. Her lifestyle isn’t much different than yours, she just makes slightly different choices that while seemingly small add up big over time.

Read on and find out the tiny little things she’s doing differently. Good news — they’re all simple and you can start them all today!

secrets of skinny girlsImage Credit: sportforyoursoul

Skinny Girl Secrets

Bring Snacks: Everyone snacks throughout the day when they’re tired or stressed — skinny girls included. The difference? They come prepared.

Keep healthy options that won’t blow your diet like a low-cal trail mix or pretzel sticks (just 100 calories per 53 sticks) in your purse or desk. Now when those mid-morning and afternoon cravings come calling you won’t be running for a candy bar from the vending machine.(1)

Get Plenty of Sleep: Simply put, not getting enough rest WILL increase your cravings and reduce your ability to resist them. And it’s not due to you lacking willpower, it’s because your body is having trouble regulating the hormones that control these processes.

Why? Short yourself on rest and your ghrelin levels increase which sends your appetite through the roof. Even scarier: your leptin levels go down, which means you’ll have trouble feeling full and will continue eating well past your needs.(2)

Eat Breakfast: It may be tempting to skip the first meal of the day, thinking you can “bank” those calories for later. But studies have shown that this common mistake leads to overeating at your next meal. Avoid the worry and leave yourself enough time in the morning for a nutritious breakfast.(3)

Eat More Fiber: Load up your plate with foods that are high in fiber. These help keep you feeling full and satisfied longer. Some great options would be things like whole grain popcorn, bread, cereal, and oatmeal as well as vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, and seeds.

Eat Slower: With our busy lifestyles these days, everyone has perfected the art of eating in a hurry. But this frequently leads to overeating, since it takes our brain up to 20 minutes to send the signals that we’re full. Slow things down by taking smaller bites and enjoying a conversation.(4)

Focus on protein: Lean proteins like chicken, tuna, and turkey take longer for our bodies to digest than even complex carbs. You also won’t start to burn fat until your body has received enough protein. Adult women need at least 46g per day (71 if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding), so make sure you’re eating foods high in protein throughout the day.(5)

Use Spicy Condiments: Hot sauces and salsas are often zero calories per serving (if they have any at all, it’s still typically only about 5 calories). Compare that to mayonnaise, which has a diet-killing 57 calories per tablespoon. Ketchup isn’t much better, checking in at 20 calories per serving. Avoid them and add a little guilt-free spice to your food.(6)(7)