Rapid Weight Loss Secrets: Bust Through Plateaus!

How to lose weight quick. 9 fast losing weight tips that will break you right through your weight loss plateaus! Easy to follow, safe, and proven. Find out about all 9 quick weight loss methods by reading this article!

You’re watching your calories and getting plenty of exercise but your results seem to be going nowhere. What can be done to breakthrough a frustrating weight loss plateau?

The answers are simpler than you think. The tips to lose weight fast you’ll see below are something anyone can do regardless of age, gender or fitness level. Most you start using at your very next meal!

Read on, and learn how to lose fat fast with these rapid weight loss secrets that are perfect for anyone looking to bust through plateaus and kick their fat burning diet into high gear.

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Quick weight loss tips

Be First in Line: We’ve all been there. You’re out to eat with friends, you’ve planned ahead and found a choice that fits your diet… and then your friend orders your favorite and you cave and do too.

Don’t worry, it’s human nature! Studies have found that our meal choices copy those of we’re eating with, so you should avoid the temptation by ordering first.

Light Some Candles: People in dark, quiet environments eat 120 calories less per meal compared to those in bright, noisy areas. The peaceful setting slows down your eating and gives your brain more time to realize it’s full.

Try Chopsticks: If you’re like me, these will slow you down considerably. You’ll also grab less food with each bite. The combination allows you a chance to realize you’re full before you’ve overeaten.

Start With Veggies: Beginning your meal with a leafy salad is a great part of any plan to lose weight quick. The high fiber content will keep you feeling full longer without adding a ton of calories. Just make sure to avoid high-calorie toppings and salad dressings.

Out of Sight, Out of Mouth: People eat 15% more when other food is in view, and it holds true in your kitchen just as much as it does at a buffet. Keep serving dishes away from the table to avoid the temptation for seconds.

Use Your Napkin: Eating out? Cornell researchers found that people who place a napkin in their lap eat less than those who don’t. It’s believed it makes them more mindful, and therefore more conscious of how much they’re eating.

weight loss dietCover It Up: Finished but you still have food left? Take that napkin from your lap and place it over your food to stop from picking at it while you wait for the table to be cleared.

Pick Your Plate Carefully: Even the color of your plate can affect how much you eat! People using blue plates have been found to eat the least, while red and gold plates cause us to eat more.

Avoid eating on a plate that is a similar color to your food in general, as you tend to dish more up than you should. Trying to eat more vegetables? Use a green plate!(1)

Try a Kid’s Plate: Simply choosing a smaller plate size to dine with has been proven to cause you to eat less. Pair it with smaller utensils and you’ll pick up less with each bite and take longer to eat it, giving your body more time to realize it’s full before you overeat.

Plan Your Grocery Shopping: Making less frequent, well-planned trips to the grocery store results in less impulse-driven purchases like candies, chips and soda. Do your shopping on a regular day if possible, and always go with a list and a full stomach.

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Image Credit: (1) rsvlts, (2) perfectionsdeception

Hopefully this has given you more than enough information to get your weight loss diet back on track. Remember that plateaus will happen to everyone, so don’t get discouraged.

Try some new things and keep determined and you’ll get there! Make sure to pin this in case you need a few tips for the next time you get stuck on your weight loss journey! Thanks and good luck to you. 🙂

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