5 Positive Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Lose weight without exercise. 5 fast weight loss tips that won't stop you from loving every second of your life! Find out about all 5 easy ways to to lose weight by reading this article!

Want to lose some weight but the only thoughts that pop into your head when you think about the whole process fill you with dread? You’re not alone! It’s a huge reason why many people never get started, or feel forced to quit before they get anywhere.

But there are highly-effective ways to use positive thinking to lose weight — all without exercise. Not only will the pounds and fat fall of you, you’ll do it with a smile on your face the whole time! Read on to learn how to lose weight and love it!

Acknowledge Your Success

Weight loss will take some time, and no matter how much progress you make it can be very easy to forget just how far you’ve come. Begin keeping a journal of some kind — whether it’s written, on your phone, or online doesn’t matter — about your journey.

Once a week take time to sit and record the positive successes you had during the past week. Things like “went for a brisk walk 4 days,” or “avoided the vending machine at work” etc. are a few great options to give you an idea of what you’re looking for.

This is also a great time to take progress pictures or record waist and weight measurements. This way, when it seems like the process is taking forever you can look back at the recent past and see just how far you’ve come — and why it’s so important that you stick with it!

Check Your Emotions

While we’re on the subject of keeping records, also take time to consider what’s happened when you’ve had slip-ups. Just couldn’t resist sharing a bag of chips with a friend? Don’t kill yourself about it and let it snowball into more mistakes — own it and learn from it.

When you have a mistake here and there, think about the events that surrounded it and the emotions you were feeling at the time. Going back and reviewing what’s occurring at these times will give you just the insight you need to prevent them in the future.

Maybe you’ll see that mid-morning vending machine run is always preceded by the officemate you hate stopping by for a conversation. You could then avoid the aggravation (and diet-killing snack run) by taking a quick break during those times.

lose weight without exercising

Sleep More

Who knew that all those times you overslept you were just working on your diet, right? (That excuse probably won’t work on a professor or boss, unfortunately.) But it’s true! There is a direct correlation between sleep deprivation and slowed metabolisms.

Slow your metabolism and you’ll burn fewer calories each day, also meaning you’ll store more fat on your body — so you can see how vitally important sleep is now, right? But the good news is, most of us are only a short amount of time from that magic sleep number.

About 30 minutes to an hour should be enough to give you the positive effects you’re after. Get yourself to sleep earlier by setting a bedtime reminder alarm on your phone an hour before you want to be to sleep, and then also stay off your phone in that last hour.

Still not convinced? Sleep deprivation is also linked to higher levels of stress (I’m sure I won’t have trouble convincing you of that), which is linked to big increases in the hormone cortisol. Its side effect? Increased appetite! So… get your sleep!

Drink More Water

The quickest and easiest to maintain way to not overeat is to kill uncontrollable hunger and cravings before they start. The simplest way to do that? Drink more water! By having about two glasses of water (17oz) 30 minutes before meal, you could be almost 10 pounds lighter in the near future!

How does that work? Researchers found that study participants who did just that lost an average of 9.48 pounds over just 12 weeks — without making any other changes to their lifestyle. And water will not only kill appetite, but also boosts your metabolism — so drink up!

Set Short-Term Goals

Having a big long-term goal like losing a lot of weight, running a marathon, or fitting into the wedding dress of your dreams is awesome and something wonderful to shoot for. But if you’ve got a ways to go these can feel so far in the future that they don’t fit into your current “reality.”

Keep your long term, shoot for the moon type goals — but make the short term, easy to achieve goals your main focus. These should only be about 1-3 weeks in focus, anything even a month or so out is probably going to be too far off for most of us.

Just a few ideas to get you started are things like lose two pounds, stay under my daily calorie goal every day this week, or to drink water before every meal this week. Reward yourself with something that will keep you on track, like picking up a nice candle and taking a hot bath.

Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and you won’t lose all the weight you want in just a couple of weeks. But by focusing on reaching small goals you’ll create a snowball of positivity that will make reaching what the goals you once thought were impossible a reality!

Now that you know the things you need to do, the only thing left is to get out there and actually do them! Keep a positive mindset, remind yourself of your successes, and the benefits you’ll see in your life — not just in losing weight — will be fantastic. Oh, and please be sure to pin this! 🙂