I Need Help Losing Weight!

Help losing weight. Get the answers to all your questions and learn how to break through losing weight plateaus and keep the fat off for good! View all 5 weight loss tips by reading this article!

“I need help losing weight!” And you’re certainly not alone! Dropping the pounds and keeping them off is tough stuff, and there’s so much information out there that reading through it all can make you feel completely lost and without direction.

Well, get ready to start making progress, bust through plateaus, and end your frustration because we’ve got some incredibly easy to follow methods you can start using right away that are proven to work. All you have to do is get going and they’ll work for you too! Keep reading for the full list…

Use the Delay & Water Method: Know you have a time of day/night where you have a practically irresistible urge for some diet-ruining food? Or feel one coming on and your willpower is quickly losing the battle? Try delaying and distracting yourself!

Start by quickly going and brushing your teeth, or rinsing with mouthwash. This should buy you at least 10-15 minutes because nothing’s going to taste right when you’ve just brushed. You should then quickly drink a glass (or two) of water.

Cravings are caused by routine, stress, boredom, or other triggers. Giving yourself a temporary distraction by brushing will get you past that initial danger zone, and the water will suppress your appetite before the temptation creeps its way back into your mind.

Go for Bang for the Buck at First: Get started on improving your diet by making a small but simple change that will have big results. For most people, this will mean something like giving up their Starbucks run or ditching sodas. One change that means 100s of calories less per day.

Over just a week, that change alone could lose you a pound. Imagine how much easier making other, tougher changes will be once you’ve seen some easy results! Get the weight loss train rolling downhill, and the harder changes that come later will breeze by with ease.

Make Your Favorites Better: Part of what prevents most people from losing weight (or ever getting started in the first place) is the thought of giving up the foods they love and look forward to the most. “No more burgers? No more fries?? Uh, yeah, I’m out.”

Keep your favorites — with important modifications — and make the bigger food swaps and switches in areas you’re less worried about. Have a turkey burger with sweet potato fries, for example. Knowing you can keep a few things will make overhauling the rest of your diet seem much more doable.

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Keep Your Salads Healthy: Ordering a salad is a terrific idea when you’re trying to watch calories, particularly when paired with a lean protein source like grilled chicken. But far too many salads go from good to bad in a hurry when the wrong toppings are thrown on them.

Croutons are going to be roughly 100 calories per serving, and often also have a high sodium content which causes water retention. Cheese will be packed with calories, as will creamy dressings like ranch. Instead, satisfy crunch-cravings with veggies and use low-cal dressings (on the side).

Don’t Sweat Plateaus: You, or at least someone you know, has certainly experienced the incredible frustration caused by weight loss plateaus. You’ve wondered why the things that had gotten you results for day after day and week after week, are all of the sudden getting you nowhere.

Far too often these plateaus stop dieters in their tracks. But rather than give up, you must keep going. Think about all the success you’ve had so far, and then begin to plan your next move. Apollo 11 was off course 97% of the trip, yet made it to the moon by constantly resetting their course.

Hopefully you now see how you can get things moving so you can finally reach your weight loss goals. The toughest part is getting going in the first place, so go ahead and get to it now! Oh, and be sure to pin this in case you need a refresher later on. 🙂