How to Make Exercise Fun

How to make exercise fun so you'll actually enjoy your workouts! Read our 8 ways to make working out fun and melt away the fat while loving absolutely every second!

Most of us would like to work out more, knowing the benefit it has in our lives. But it’s suuuuch a chore sometimes, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be!

Having a good time while you work out is important, because you’re obviously going to be much more likely to keep up with it long past when you’ve reached your goals. Find out how to make exercise fun — not boring — using the following ideas!

Exercise Outdoors: Bored with the gym? You’ve got a fantastic one waiting right outside! Get away from the boring gym routine and make your next workout a pleasant hike, bike ride, or a fun game with friends in the park.

Add New Movements: You may be getting bored because it’s always the same exercise over and over again. To make exercise more fun, why not try something new? Be innovative and try and think of new ways to get yourself moving.

Bend your body in a new way by giving yoga a try. Add some body weight workouts if you’re normally just a runner. Hit a lap pool for an excellent all-around workout if you’re sick of lifting weights. The point is: just do something new!

Dance, Dance, Dance: It’s fun, reduces stress, and can bring you closer to friends or someone special. Best of all, it melts off flab without feeling like exercising. Read our article on working out at home for a breakdown of how many calories your favorite style of dance burns!

Celebrate Yourself: Set small goals along the way with little rewards that will give you something at which to look forward. This is especially helpful at keeping you on track if your goal is a long ways off.

Make the tasks simple and things you control, and ensure the reward won’t work against you. For example, if you’re planning to work out 4 days this week and you meet that goal, go get yourself a nice decoration for your home.

Buddy Up: Having someone to talk to or keep your motivated when you’re just not feeling it has an incredible value — more than you realize until you’ve experienced it. After all, sometimes when you’re supposed to exercise you may just not be feeling it — and that’s natural.

But knowing a good friend will be there pushing you can be that extra little bit of motivation that keeps you BOTH going! And once you’ve reached whatever it is you’re striving for, it’ll be much easier to keep doing great if you’ve got a fun workout buddy to keep you on the track!

Skip Rope: Remember how fun jumping rope was when you were a kid? It still is, and it’s a great workout too! Try something new by checking out our jump rope workout that you can do at home in just 20 minutes!

Add Some Tech: There’s huge amounts of both free and paid fitness apps out there these days. They’ll not only help you keep track of your progress over time, but can also provide timely instructions and videos for each movement you’re doing while you’re working out.

Challenge Yourself: Exercising is all about training and making you fit. However, if you keep working out with only this goal, you will get bored and eventually stop exercising. One of the best ways to make it fun is by challenging yourself. Run just that little bit further or do just one extra rep.

Pushing yourself keeps thing interesting and will give you a nice endorphin boost since you’re accomplishing something new. Over time those small little extra bits add up to big changes in your health and body.

how to make exercise funImage Credit: fitnessworld

Hopefully, we’ve given you some options to get you moving and smiling again! Make sure to pin this so you can check back for more ideas the next time you’re just not feeling it!