5 Easy Ways to Get Started Losing 50+ Pounds

How to lose 50 lbs. 5 proven, easy to follow ways to get started that absolutely anyone can do! Realistic lifestyle changes that will get you moving in the right direction. Find out about all 5 by reading this article!

When you’ve got 50 or more pounds to lose, getting started is the toughest part. But it’s important to remember that every journey worth taking, no matter the length, begins with just one step. And today, we’re going to give you 5 easy ways to take that crucial first step in the right direction!

Make Yourself Accountable

You’ve probably set a goal before, with nothing but great intentions on doing whatever it took to reach it. At first, you’re doing great and sticking to your plan. But soon real life pops up and you get a little off track… and before you know it’s been a week and the goal has been completely forgotten.

Studies have proven time and time again that sharing our goals makes us far more likely to reach them. Once you’ve determined what you’re after, make a point to share it with your partner, a close friend, or even on social media.

Knowing that the people closest to you know your goal will make you that much more determined to achieve what you told them you would. They’ll probably even be there to offer encouragement and keep you accountable. Or better yet, they’ll join in!

Schedule An Evening Walk

Want to get a workout without feeling like you’re working out? Start scheduling an evening walk for you and your family, or with friends. If you can’t find a walking partner, download some of your favorite music or podcasts to listen to while you walk.

Walking will burn calories and also give a boost to your metabolism, which will keep your body burning calories even after you’re done. And having enjoyable time with people you care about, or listening to something you love, will make the whole process fun.

Make exercise fun, and what happens? You guessed it — you actually stick with it! Once you make going for a daily walk a habit, adding in other healthy habits will seem like a breeze and you’ll never look back.

Make Your Coffee Skinny

Coffee actually can have some great weight loss benefits, such as boosting metabolism, increasing fat burning, and suppressing appetite. Unfortunately, most people throw out all the positives and then some by mixing in calorie-packed sweeteners and toppings.

The good news is that you can keep your morning pick-me-up without having it ruin your chances of succeeding at any diet. Do so by ditching your creamers (and probably anything Starbucks would suggest) and sweeten with stevia instead.

Make One Snack Swap

Mindless snacking is probably a big part of why you’re wanting to lose weight. Those little treats here and there add up in a big way overtime, and once you’ve got the habit it can be extremely tough to kick successfully.

Rather than reaching for your usual mid-morning or mid-afternoon bag of chips or cookies, pack something healthy in your purse or bag to have instead. Baby carrots are great if you love crunch. We wrote a whole article on healthy snacks that you can check out here.

Once you’ve made the switch on one snack, you’ll have some success under your belt and see that making changes in other areas of your diet isn’t actually all that difficult!

Measure Everything for Just One Day

I know, I know. Measuring every single thing you eat is neurotic and there’s no way you’ll stick with it if that’s what it’s going to take. Well… you don’t have to! Taking the time to weigh, use measuring cups and spoons, etc. for just just one day will have big results.

Even in just that short amount of time you’ll be able to see just how much you’ve been eating, with no room for your mind to fudge things in a positive direction (which most of us are prone to doing). Even measuring what you’re already eating will be a big eye opener.

You’ve probably gotten into the trap before of telling yourself that the snack you’re having is just the serving size, when deep down you know it’s actually much larger. Getting a handle on your portion sizes will be useful to your healthy well into the future, and could take just one day to learn!

Now, all of those seem like reasonable things that you can give a try, right? Of course! Once you’ve gotten going, everything will seem much easier and you’ll think you were crazy for having ever waited! Good luck, and be sure to pin this! 🙂