How to Lose Weight Without Trying

Easy ways to lose weight! 5 simple to follow weight loss tips that don't require working out or making you hate your life. Weight loss can be easy, find out how now by reading the 5 tips in this article!

You want to lose weight but you’re not one of those crazy people who can do non-stop extreme cardio like in the infomercials. So are you screwed then, or what? Of course not! There are simple, easy to follow ways to lose weight without trying. Read on to learn how!

Use smaller plates

The quickest way to practically guarantee you’ll eat more without even realizing it is to use larger plates and utensils. Cornell researchers found that when study participants were served their food in larger bowls, they ate 16% more than those who ate from smaller bowls.

And the scary part is that these people not only ate more (obviously meaning weight gain long-term), but they also felt like they had eaten less. Skip the worry by serving yourself on smaller plates and bowls, and even using smaller utensils if possible.

Use different color plates

While we’re on the plates issue, you should also pay attention to the color of what you’re serving you’re food on. Cornell researchers also found that serving food on plates which lacked contrasting color from the food being eaten ate 22% more.

It works on the same principle as the previous point. Your brain is tricked into thinking you have less due to the amount you have blending in with your plate, causing you to eat more without even realizing it.

Fortunately, the fix here is easy. Just shoot for contrast when serving up your meals. Having something mostly white or lightly-colored? Use dark plates. Having a beef dish or something else dark? Go for lightly-colored plates.

Sleep in as dark a room as possible

Getting plenty of sleep isn’t just important for your mood and energy level, it also plays a much bigger role in weight loss than most people realize. For starters, just getting enough of shuteye (at least 7-8 hours) is needed to keep stress levels low, which prevents overeating.

But you’ll also want to make sure that the room you sleep in is as dark as possible. Why? A dark room is needed for proper melatonin production, which scientists have determined is essential for producing enough hormones to keep your metabolism functioning properly.

Short yourself on sleep, and you’ll risk overeating — but sleep in a room that’s not even dark enough, and you could kill your metabolism meaning your body will burn significantly fewer calories each day. So, invest in a sleep mask or blackout curtains if you live in a bright area!

how to lose weight without trying

Don’t skip breakfast

With how busy we all are these days, it’s become pretty common to skip breakfast even when you’re not dieting. And obviously if you are looking to lose weight, then passing up breakfast is even more tempting… after all, you can just bank those calories for later, right?

Wrong! While you may save yourself the calories you’d normally get from some eggs, oatmeal, etc., studies have shown that you’ll actually cost yourself more calories over the course of the day. That’s because you make yourself much more likely to overeat later in the day.

Talk with your mouth full!

What you got in trouble for when you were a kid (or maybe it was last week… I’m not judging) could actually help you to lose weight faster, without even feeling like you’ve made things any tougher on yourself!

Our bodies and brain aren’t as well-oiled a machine as we’ve always been led to believe. In fact, it can take your stomach about 20 minutes to get the message to your brain that you’re full and it doesn’t need or want anymore food.

Eat alone and you’ll eat quicker, which means you’ll almost certainly eat past the necessary amount which will lead to weight gain. Over time, that can really add up. Instead, eat while having a conversation with a friend or loved one.

If you’ll be eating by yourself, then find other ways to slow yourself down that should have the same effect. Read something, play a simple game on your phone, or do some light studying. Even focusing on taking smaller bites should slow you down enough to allow your brain & body to sync up.

There, those all seem reasonable, don’t they? Make sure to pin this in case you need some reminder tips down the road! 🙂Lose weight easy! 5 quick weight loss tips that don't require working out or making your life miserable. Weight loss can be easy, find out how now by reading the 5 tips in this article!