5 Ways to Lose 50 Pounds Fast

How to lose 50 pounds fast. 5 easy to follow ways to lose weight without exercising that are proven. Get lasting results and find out how to lose fifty lbs fast without working out, just by reading this article!

Need to lose 50 pounds fast but not quite sure how to get started? Don’t worry, that’s normal. Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Keep reading for our favorite, easy to follow tips to help you drop the weight in a quick, healthy way — all without exercise!

Snack on something healthy

Everyone’s familiar with that mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack run. But all those candy bars, bags of chips, and cans of soda add up in a big way. Oftentimes, they’re the only negative point in an otherwise healthy diet. And over the years that can add up to serious pounds!

Jumpstart your weight loss by eliminating these unhealthy snack breaks throughout the day. Rather than foods packed with simple carbs that will spike your appetite and cause you eat more, try something like Greek yogurt with raspberries (just 100-150 calories).

Researchers at the University of Tennessee found that Greek yogurt increases the loss of stomach fat, while the raspberries will not only add taste, but also Vitamin C which boosts the body’s ability to burn fat. Another nice option is string cheese, at only 80 calories with 8g protein.

Regularly going to bed hungry? Check out our article on healthy bedtime snacks to go to sleep feeling full and happy!

Switch to water

One of the quickest but most effective changes you can make if you’re looking to lose 50 pounds or more is to stop drinking your calories. Doing everything right all day long can immediately be ruined (and then some) by an evening stop at Starbucks.

And unfortunately, many of the drinks being pushed as “healthy” these days very much are NOT. Gatorade? Vitamin Water? Both contain more calories than most sodas — and that’s before you consider all the simple carbs they contain.

Why are simple carbs bad? They spike your hunger levels leading to diet-killing binges. Know what other seemingly safe drink is packed with simple carbs? Diet sodas! Avoid all the worry and switch to water — transition over a week or two if quitting cold turkey isn’t an option.

Water is proven to suppress your appetite and boost your metabolism, making it an essential part of your weight loss journey.

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Choose your plates and bowls wisely

Adjusting the amount of food we eat isn’t as difficult as it may feel at first. Surprisingly enough, things as seemingly meaningless as the size and color of the plates you use has been proven to affect how much we eat.

Researchers found that when people were served an equal amount of food, only in larger bowls, they ate 16% more! Even worse, they reported feeling hungrier afterwards and actually felt like they had ate less than those who had used smaller bowls.

You’ll also want to choose plates which contrast the color of your food. Those same researchers also found that by using a plate color which contrasted with the food (i.e. blue plate for something lightly colored), study participants ate 22% less.

Cut the simple carbs

We touched briefly in the water section on the fact that simple carbs are bad for you, but now let’s go into a little bit of the why. Simple carbs — like those found in sodas (including diet), white breads and pastas, etc. — are processed very quickly by your body.

This is a problem because it causes a spike in your insulin levels, which is directly linked to hunger meaning you’ll have a heck of time staving off those cravings that have ruined many a diet. And even if you can resist the hunger, there’s still a problem.

When your body isn’t getting the glucose that it’s used to from these simple carbs, it begins to burn your body’s stores of fat (that’s why low carb diets work). Take in simple carbs and you miss out on this fat burning. From now on, stick to safe, complex carbs like those you’ll get from whole grains.

We’ve also compiled a large, categorized list of foods that are low carb which you’ll probably want to bookmark or pin for later!

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Forget fried foods and dressings

Having things like chicken and salad are great choices to keep the pounds dropping off you, but they can very quickly become diet-killers if you’re not careful. Frying foods adds tons of unneeded calories and unhealthy fats, while dressings, dips, and other condiments can be loaded too.

Getting a chicken sandwich for lunch? Opt for grilled rather than fried, and skip the mayo too. Having something with dressing or a dip on the side? Avoid calorie-packed choices like ranch. Instead, go for spicy options like hot sauce or salsa, most of which are little to no calories.

Now that you know how to get your weight loss started off on the right foot, the only thing left is sticking with it! Good luck, and be sure to pin this in case you need a reminder in the future! 🙂