How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Month

How to lose 10 pounds in a month. See noticeable change in only a few short weeks! Find out exactly how to lose ten pounds in a month easy by using the 8 fast weight loss tips in this article!

Want to learn how to lose 10 pounds in a month? You’ve found the right place. The following list of easy ways to speed up your weight loss won’t require you to hit the gym and will work perfectly for all levels of fitness.

Clean with Oomph: Household chores aren’t exactly fun but you can put a whole new spin on them by seeing them as just another chance to blitz calories. Move quick and with purpose while doing your laundry, cleaning, and vacuuming.

You’ll not only get done faster but also kick up your heart rate, meaning you burn more fat and calories. Just a 60 minute vacuuming and ironing session can burn more than 150 calories. You’ve got to do them eventually, so get to work on both your chores and the slimmer new you!

Commercial Booty Time: Normally, we use the time between commercials or choosing the next streaming option to hit the bathroom or grab a snack. But this actually a great opportunity to get in a workout that you KNOW will end soon, so why not do it?

Short bursts of squats and lunges are ideal for this. In a previous article, we covered some variations you can do all while watching TV. Pick an hour long window tonight and do these butt-firming, calorie-blasting exercises during each break. Your booty will thank you!

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Work Out on the Job: Don’t feel like exercising at the end of a long, busy day at work? Fitting in some stretches while you’re sitting at your desk will hope to tone your muscles and burn a few more calories.

Glute stretches are less obvious and your best bet if you don’t want to attract too much attention from your coworkers but you may be able to get in some lunges and squats too, depending on your working environment.

Take the Stairs: Normally ride the elevator? It’s time to acquaint yourself with the stairs instead. And no, you don’t need to sprint up them two at a time. This study suggests that while “double stepping” might seem like the most physical option, taking each step individually is actually better.

Each flight of stairs you climb will burn roughly 5 calories, so just the simple act of taking the stairs as you come and go from your office or apartment during the next month will add up quickly without requiring any change to your lifestyle.

Park Further Away: Most of us always look for the nearest parking place but this convenience means that you’re overlooking a golden opportunity to burn a few extra calories.

Next time you’re looking for a spot, park a little further away than normal and treat the extra distance as a calorie busting exercise. You’ll probably even save yourself some time by not circling the lot for 20 minutes!

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Don’t Sit Still for Long: Standing burns more calories than sitting down and is better for your health so never miss an opportunity to stay on your feet. But if you’ve got no choice but to sit, keep the blood circulating and your body moving by doing things like tapping your feet, stretching your arms or playing with a stress ball. Studies have indicated this can burn 350 calories over the course of a day. Not bad for sitting around!

Go the Long Way Round: On a similar note, you can easily burn extra calories by avoiding the simplest route to where you need to go. You can even do this at work by using the bathrooms that are just that little bit further out of your way than normal.

Basically, if there is a longer way to get there, take it. And honestly, regardless of where you work or go to school, everywhere has the “nice” bathroom and it always seems to be the farthest, so now you have an easy excuse to only use that one!

It really is as  simple as that! Stick to the points we mentioned and by this time next month you’ll be wondering why you ever waited so long to get started! Be sure to pin this article to remind yourself later or to help a friend!

how to lose 10 pounds in a month