20 Minute Jump Rope Workout

Full body jump rope workout that takes just 20 minutes! Full body routine with easy to follow instructional videos. Perfect for all levels of fitness. View full jump rope routine in this article!

Jump roping isn’t just for kids. It’s an excellent way to stay in shape that works your cardio, agility, balance, and rhythm.

The jump rope workout you see below will burn calories and also build lean muscle tone across your entire body! You’ll work your legs, abs, and upper body in between 60 second sessions of jumping rope.

Just your standard jump rope motion is fine, but if you want to make things a little more challenging you can alternate with side-to-side jump rope, also called “the skier.”

Go through this jump rope routine twice, with a 60 second rest in between. It should take you about 20 minutes, but don’t worry if it takes a little longer especially if you’re a beginner.

Pin the image below so you’ll have it available to refer to before your next workout. If you need demonstrations of the exercises, keep scrolling and you’ll find some demonstration videos that should help.

Jump Rope Workout

Perform these exercises in order, in between rounds of jumping rope for 60 seconds.

15 Squats

30 Second Plank

15 Pushups

15 Lunges

15 Crunches

Remember to pin this so you’ll have it ready to go for your next workout!! 🙂