21 Healthy Appetite Suppressants to Lose Weight

Healthy appetite suppressants. 21 healthy ways to control your appetite so you'll lose weight quicker. Lose pounds in a hurry safe and natural using the 21 ways to suppress appetite in this article!
Curbing hunger is a big part of losing weight. For most of us, learning how to curb your appetite is the biggest obstacle we face with reaching our goals. But there are healthy appetite suppressants out there, plenty of them in fact.

Water: Making sure to drink plenty of water everyday is something we all should be practicing, but it is especially important to you if you’re dieting.

Water helps to flush the toxins from your system that have been stored in fat. Thirst is often confused for hunger, so before you reach for a snack, drink a glass of water instead.

Start With Soup: Start your meal with a low-calorie, broth-based soup to keep yourself from overeating when the main entree comes.

Freshen Up: Brush your teeth frequently or chew a mint gum. The fresh taste will help to discourage you from absent-minded grazing (snacking without realizing it) during your day.

Meditate: Research has shown that meditation is effective for both appetite suppression and weight loss. It works by training your mind to not fall into the trap of emotional eating.(1)

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Get Enough Protein: Protein takes longer to digest than even complex carbohydrates. Your body also won’t begin burning fat unless it’s received enough protein. Make lean proteins like chicken, turkey and tuna mainstays of your meals.

Green Tea: This wonder drink not only boosts your metabolism, but has also been shown to suppress your appetite. Drink up!

Eggs for Breakfast: A great source of protein, starting your morning with eggs will help you breeze through those mid-morning cravings.

Eat More Fiber: Foods high in fiber help you feel full longer. Look for whole grain popcorn, bread, cereal, and oatmeal as well as fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, and beans.

Orgasm: Having an orgasm not only gives pleasure and relieves stress, it also will suppress your appetite for a short time.

Eats Foods High in Water: In addition to drinking plenty of water, eating foods packed with water like celery, cucumbers, oranges and tomatoes will keep you hydrated and feeling full. They’re also very low in calories, which means guilt-free snacking for you.

Chia Seeds: After being eaten, chia seeds absorb massive amounts of water and form a gel which coats your stomach. The result? You stay feeling full for hours! Try adding them to your next salad or smoothie.

Eat Healthy Unsaturated Fats: These take plenty of time to digest and will keep you feeling full longer. They’ll also lower your cholesterol and risk of heart disease.

Avoid Insulin Spikes: At elevated levels insulin causes fat gain and increases hunger. Regulate your carbs and keep your body burning fat by starting the day with a low-carb, high-protein meal like eggs.

Eat Almonds: High in protein, almonds work great as a snack to curb your hunger between meals. Eat about 1 ounce, or 23 almonds, as a low-calorie (about 129, less than previously thought) snack between meals.(2)

Eat Slower: Your brain takes about 20 minutes to realize you’re full. Give it a chance to catch up by taking your time, savoring your food, and enjoying relaxed conversation while you eat.(3)

Talk, Talk, Talk: This one’s simple enough. Keeping conversation flowing will keep your mind off hunger and put a stop to overeating.

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Don’t Skip Meals: Skipping meals will slow your metabolism, and often leads to high-calorie binges when the fast is broken. Keep your sanity and your diet on track by not torturing yourself and missing meals.

Eat in Regular Intervals: Eat 3 healthy, well-balanced meals per day with 1-3 snacks to fill in the gaps. This will keep your metabolism humming and your body in fat-burning mode.

Top Off Your Salad: Add a tasty lean protein like grilled chicken or fish to your salad to keep your stomach full and feeling satisfied long after your meal.

Blend It: Use a blender to add some air to your smoothies, sauces or fruit drinks. You’ll get to enjoy them longer and you’ll feel full longer on fewer calories.