6 Bedtime Habits to Lose Weight Fast

Bedtime habits for losing weight. 6 habits to lose weight at nighttime. Lose weight easier than you ever thought was possible by using the 6 bedtime habits for weight loss in this article!

Losing weight is not as difficult as it may seem at times. While it’s probably made all of us want to pull our hair out at one point or another, it’s really just a matter of changing certain habits.

And believe it or not, one of the easiest and most effective times of the day to make these changes is in the evening before bed. Why? This is when you make decisions that make or break what you’ve already done that day, and set the tone for the one to come.

Make simple lifestyle changes and start using these bedtime habits to lose weight, and I assure you the weight will start falling off!

1. Don’t Eat After 7 pm

A lot of snacking happens in the evening and it’s usually going to be comfort foods full of empty calories. And once you get going, a little bite here and there leads to full meals or even binges.

What’s that spell? Weight gain and a bloated tummy full of regret in the morning. Limit  yourself by doing your best to eat your last meal before 7pm, or 3 hours before you go to sleep. Look for something low-calorie and high in protein like chicken or turkey.

These have lots of different preparation options and the protein will keep you feeling full until morning!

2. Have Some “Me” Time

Having a bit of “me” time to yourself before bed each night might sound like strictly a mental health thing but it can affect your diet, as well. Why? Taking some quiet time to yourself will lead you to de-stress, meaning you’ll be less likely to turn to cheat foods and/or overeat.

It doesn’t have to be meditation or yoga – although both are excellent for relieving stress and have proven links to weight loss. Pretty much anything that you enjoy can fit the bill, especially if it’s therapeutic or refocuses your attention.

Try having a relaxing bath, getting lost in a good book or listening to some of your favorite relaxing music, for example.

3. Drink Dairy Before Bed

Drinking warm milk before bed won’t just help you sleep, it can even help with weight loss! Why? Milk contains a type of protein known as casein, which helps to build and sustain lean muscle.

This will boost your metabolism, meaning that you burn more calories every single day 100% naturally without changing up any other aspects of your life. The protein also will help you feel full until it’s time for breakfast.
bedtime habits to lose weight

4. Adjust Your Lighting

To sleep well, you need your bedroom to be as dark as possible so you don’t compromise your body’s production of sleep inducing melatonin. Studies have shown that women sleeping in darker rooms are less likely to be overweight compared to those sleeping in lighter rooms.

If you work nights or live on a bright street, get some curtains or dark sheets to hang over your windows. A sleep mask will also work great and allow you to get the slumber you need to feel rested in the morning.

5. Prepare Lunches and Snacks

It’s easy to tell yourself that you’re going to have a nice grilled chicken salad, or maybe a turkey wrap for lunch the night before. But we all know how that plays out in real life.

It’s noon. You’re hungry, you’re tired, your professor or boss is a jerk, and you know what? We’ll just have a burger today, and worry about the diet tomorrow. Before you know it, you did that everyday this week.

Avoid the tough decision at your weakest moment by packing a healthy lunch and snacks the night before.

6. Make an Entire Meal Plan

On a similar note, not leaving things up to chance when it comes to breakfast and dinner is a great way to keep your weight loss on track. Try sitting down on Sunday night and planning healthy meals to eat at home for the upcoming week.

Better yet, if you have a regular grocery day, do your planning the night before you shop so you can make sure you’ll have all the ingredients handy. If you’re really feeling motivated, you can precook meals and separate them out into tupperware containers.

Then, all you need to do is reach in the fridge and you’ve got your Monday dinner, Thursday breakfast, etc. already waiting and ready to go. No mess and no worries about caving and going off your diet!

Implement these tips and you’re already on the way to reaching your goals. It takes time to make a habit, so don’t be frustrated and quit if you’re not able to stick to things right away. With time and determination, you’ll get there! Good luck!

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Lose weight nighttime tips. 6 simple bedtime habits that will make you lose weight faster! Reach your goal body quicker by using the 6 nighttime weight loss habits in this article!