8 Flat Belly Foods You Will Love

Foods for a flat stomach! 8 healthy foods that give you a flat tummy. Enjoy every single bite of what you eat and lose stomach fat by eating the 8 foods that burn stomach fat in this article!

Want a sexy tummy, but not sure what you should be eating? We’ve all been there, but the good news is that today we’re going to remove that mystery for you by letting you in our favorite flat belly foods (that actually taste great too). Keep reading for the full list!

Bananas: How exactly are bananas going to help you get a flat stomach? Because they come packed with plenty of fiber and potassium, both of which are very important for your digestive health. This will reduce any bloating you’re suffering from, giving you the nice flat look you desire.

Grapefruit: If you can only pick one food on this list, you should make it the grapefruit. For starters, the acidity of grapefruit slows your digestion, which means that you will stay feeling full and satisfied for longer, meaning less risk of overeating.

But the real beauty lies in the studies that have been done on grapefruits. Researchers found eating half a grapefruit before meals caused noticeable weight loss thanks to a reduction in insulin levels. This causes a boost to your metabolism, encouraging weight loss and a flat tummy!

flat belly food grapefruit

Greek Yogurt: Having problems with bloating and constipation? Quickly give your stomach some relief (and a flatter look) by treating yourself to some Greek yogurt, which contains probiotics to keep your gut in check, and protein which will stave off any hunger.

Blueberries: They’re more than just a tasty topping — they’ll help you look great in a bikini or your favorite outfit too! Blueberries come complete with a healthy serving of fiber, which helps to keep you feeling full meaning you’ll be significantly less likely to overeat.

Granny Smith Apples: If you’re looking to flatten your tummy, then apples are a wonderful place to start — and granny smiths should be your first choice. Why’s that? Grannies are much lower in sugar, meaning they’re less likely to cause hunger which is a possible issue with other types.

Chili Peppers: Love spice? Then you’re in luck. Chili peppers are very high in a substance known as capsaicin, which is what gives them the heat we’re all so familiar with. But it also gives a big boost to your metabolism and the rate at which your body burns belly fat!

Need some ideas on how to mix these into your meals? Check out our article on just that subject, where we’ve compiled a few of our favorite recipes featuring chili peppers which are also low calorie and high in protein!

Peaches: Thanks to their diuretic quality, peaches are a healthy, yummy way to give your body a quick flush of nasty toxins that build up in your gut. Try baking or grilling some, then mixing them in with Greek yogurt for a wonderful, flat belly treat!

flat belly food peaches

Pears: These will act as a diuretic and flush unwanted toxins from your system. But they also have the benefit of a nice dose of pectin, which will boost your digestion, reduce bloating, and keep you feeling full and satisfied which will discourage overeating.

There, not such a mystery anymore, huh? On this list you’ve gotten a good mix of foods that will reduce bloating, promote your metabolism, and keep you feeling full. Make just a few of these choices a part of your regular diet and you’ll have the gorgeous flat stomach you’re after in no time!

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