5 At Home Exercises That Burn More Calories Than Running

At home workouts that burn more calories faster than running. Lose weight without having to go exercise at the gym! View full video for these 5 at home exercise routines just by checking out this article!

Regardless of your fitness goals, regular cardio is a necessary and important part of any fitness regimen. For many, the tried and true outlet is to run, run, and then run some more.

But what about those of us who have ran every conceivable route in our area, or simply want to burn some calories and improve our cardiovascular health at home? Are we out of luck?

No! In fact, there’s tried and true exercises that require little to no equipment, can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home, and best of all: they burn even MORE calories than running!

Read on for our 5 favorite exercises that burn more calories than running, no gym required!

Jumping Rope

Yep, that simple activity your probably remember from childhood does more than you realized. Jumping rope is a safe, cheap method of cardio that burns calories at a surprisingly efficient rate. How efficient? Moderate intensity jumping will work off 13 calories per minute.

If you really want to kick things up a bit, try the 10-minute jump rope workout in the video below:


It can be done alone or with someone special, but no matter the location or reason getting your body moving is a sure way to kill calories quick. Here’s a breakdown of what some of the more popular styles burn:

  • Hip-hop: 92.5 calories per 15 minutes
  • Salsa: 101.25 per 15 minutes
  • Ballet: 95 per 15 minutes
  • Bellydancing: 67.5 per 15 minutes
  • Country/Western: 72.5 per 15 minutes

Kettleball Swings

You’ll need kettleballs to complete these, of course, but they’re a great investment for those of you who prefer to work out at home. The wonderful thing about this exercise is that you’ll not only be burning calories like crazy, you’ll also be sculpting that lean, sexy muscle tone that looks perfect on any bodytype. Watch the video below to learn more:


What’s not to love at burpees? They require no equipment, work your whole body, you can do them practically anywhere, and each one burns about 1.43 calories.

Work your way up to just 7 per minute and you’re already burning 10 calories in just 60 seconds! Watch the video below if you’re not familiar with the burpee exercise or could just use a refresher:

Tabata Jump Squats

Breezed through the first four exercises and still hungry for more? Try this calorie-shredding 4-minute tabata jump squat workout. Each round consists of 20 seconds of jump squats (aim for more height rather than more reps, make ’em count!) followed by 10 seconds of rest. Complete 8 of these rounds and you’ll be too exhausted to beg for more.

An Auburn University at Montgomery study found participants in this circuit burned 13.4 calories per minute and DOUBLED their body’s metabolic rate for the 30 minutes following their workout. Watch these guys in the video below give it a shot:

There you go! Now that you’ve seen our cardio options aren’t just limited to running or the elliptical, the only thing left is to get up and get moving!

exercises-more-calories-than-runningImage Credit: dannirocksu

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