Don’t Over Do It! The Dangers of Overtraining

Too often the mistake many people make when starting a new exercise or weight lifting program is surprisingly not working out too little, it’s working out too much. And who could blame them? Usually whatever prompted us to get going and get moving – running into an old flame, an upcoming vacation or reunion, et cetera – is still fresh on our minds and we crave quick results.

dangers of overtraining

So work out more = better, quicker results right? WRONG!

Overdoing it at any stage is a big time mistake, but this is especially true when you’re just beginning. For starters, these things take time. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is the new fit, healthy, tone and sexy you. But when we get out of our comfort zone and get out there hitting the weights, pounding the pavement in our new running shoes, and watching our carbs and still see the same flabby body staring back at us in the mirror, most of us will get discouraged and quit.

That’s why when I advise people beginning a new health regimen on the do’s and don’ts, making realistic, LONG TERM goals is a main one. By setting out a clear path for them from the start, they understand that their path to weight loss, muscle gain, or whatever their goals may be will take time, but absolutely, positively is attainable with proper diet and exercise. The only obstacle in their way is themselves.

“What are the dangers of working out 2 hours a day, 7 days a week though if I’m motivated to so? I’ll drop down to a more manageable plan after the beginning and keep going from there.”

If this were even possible, it’d still be dangerous and inadvisable. Overtraining can lead to breakdowns in form while exercising, leading to injuries which can sideline you for months at a time and leave you discouraged for even longer.

And should you avoid injury or simply just the mental fatigue of that much exercise, your body is simply not capable of recovering from that amount of exercise in that short of a time period. One must learn to use properly spaced out rest days and intervals between workouts to ensure the body’s full recovery for the next workout.


But don’t think that those off days are all for naught! Your body builds muscle outside of the gym, not in it. While you’re recovering from a hard exercise session and thinking you’re relaxing is actually when your body is hard at work building the new lean, tone, and sexy you.

So give your body time to rest and don’t overdo it at any stage during an exercise program, both the current and future you will thank you.