10 Best Foods for Weight Loss

Best foods for dieting. Love every single bite of what you eat! Find out which foods that you already love are also terrific foods for weight loss just by reading this article today!

No matter how hard you work in the gym, nothing can overcome a poor diet. So whether you’re looking to maximize the results from all that cardio and weight training — or simply just fine tune your diet — emphasizing the best foods for weight loss is essential.

The following foods are packed with nutrients that will not only kickstart fat loss but also increase energy and your general well-being. Without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 foods that should be a part of each and every one of our diets.

Apples: Packed with antioxidants, dietary fiber and phytonutrients, apples are a great low-calorie option that have been proven to help prevent heart disease and promote overall good health.(1)

Oats: A tremendous option for everyone, as oats a great source of soluble fiber and also have been shown to reduce LDL cholesterol (aka the bad cholesterol). And at just 10 cents per serving, they’re a lifesaver for those of us trying to eat healthy on a tight budget.(2)

Yogurt: A superfood that seems to do it all, yogurt packs a punch, coming complete with high levels of calcium and B-Vitamins. It staves off cravings by regulating blood sugar, reduces the risk of colon cancer, and even boosts our immune system.

Pomegranates: Low in calories, these tasty fruits are great alone or added to a salad. They’re high in antioxidants, fiber, and folic acids. Turn to these rather than cookies and candy when your sweet tooth comes calling.

Watermelons: This traditional picnic snack is high in vitamins A and C, as well as an incredibly beneficial antioxidant known as Lycopene, a cancer fighting agent which may also help promote weight loss.(3)

superfood for weight lossImage Credit: loveveganlife

Blueberries: Keep feeling full longer with these delicious treats that are loaded with antioxidants and fiber. They’ll also give you about 25% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C and are low in fat.(4)

Lentils: This superfood is a good source of iron, which is needed to transport oxygen throughout your body. They’re also high in fiber and protein while still low-calorie, and increase the feeling of “fullness,” leading to easier weight management and weight loss.(5)

Green Tea: This healthy drink is packed with antioxidants and even improves brain function. Best of all, it’s been shown to boost metabolism and increase the burning of fat.(6)

Cranberry Juice: Another drink that should be a part of your diet is cranberry juice. It’s high in antioxidants, helps prevent urinary tract infections, and serves as a quality diuretic to flush excess fluid.

Flax Seeds: Add just 1 tablespoon of flax seeds to your diet a day to give your body much-needed fiber and omega-3 fats that will help kill cravings and promote a general sense of well-being.

They’re especially important if you’re a sun worshiper, with researchers observing in lab tests that they reduced melanoma tumors in mice by 63%.(7)

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