Best Leg Workout for Women

At home leg workout for women with no equipment necessary! Get rid of leg fat and finally get the tone, gorgeous legs you want! View the full women's leg workout routine with video in this article!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re wanting to look amazing in your favorite short dress, lose leg fat for bikini season, or simply get stronger — this best leg workout for women is exactly what you need to get started.

Best of all, you don’t need to hit the gym or buy tons of equipment before you can begin. Every single one of these women’s leg exercises can be done at home, and can be done by all levels of fitness.

We’ve included free demo videos to show you how to complete each exercise safely and effectively. Combine this leg routine with the easy to follow tips from our article How to Stop Overeating and you’ll get stronger, lose fat, and have tone, gorgeous legs in no time!

Bodyweight Squats – 10 reps

If you’re only going to do one leg exercise for women from this list, the bodyweight squat is it. They’re incredibly effective, will work your entire leg, and oh yeah, they’re great for your booty too.

Walking Bridge – 15 reps

To increase difficulty, take another step out with each foot before walking them back.

Lateral Lunges – 10 reps

Need to tone up your inner thigh? These, also known as side lunges, are perfect and will blast fat and build lean muscle giving you thin, gorgeous legs.

Leg Lifts – 20 reps

These (also known as leg raises) will tone your legs while also working out your glutes and lower abs.

Skaters – 10 reps, or about 30 seconds

Fantastic no equipment leg exercise that will also get your heart pumping and burn leg fat. Count 1 rep when you’ve completed it for each leg.

If you feel like you’ve still got a little “left in the tank,” take a 1 to 2 minute rest then go through this women’s leg routine once (or twice) more! And make sure that you pin this so you can use the videos to check your form when needed! 🙂