How to Lose Freshman 15

How to lose freshman 15 and keep it off for good! 8 fast ways to lose weight while still enjoying everything college has to offer! Find out about all 8 easy to follow ways to lose your freshman 15 in this article!

Classes starting soon and you want to get rid of that freshman 15? Don’t we all! But fortunately, it is possible lose the flab without taking part in all the amazing things college has to offer. Read on to learn how!

Get Exercise Minded Again: P.E. class may have been the bane of your high school life but it was some guaranteed exercise, at least. Now that you’re at college, you’re probably not required to exercise anymore, and it’s going to show in your weight.

Getting back into the habit of doing some physical activity on a regular basis is one of the key things for avoiding the freshman 15. Your school likely has a nice (and usually free) gym, so give it a visit and become a regular — it’s also a great way to meet new people with similar goals!

Walk As Much As You Can: The set up on college actually lends itself quite well to walking pretty much everywhere, if you’re inclined to do so. As part of your newfound commitment to being exercise minded, take the chance to head out on foot as often as possible. You’ll burn calories without having to do anything special or go out of your way.

Get Enough Sleep: Between the parties and the studying, you’re probably going to find yourself pulling a lot of all-nighters. As well as leaving you feeling a lot like a zombie, here’s some more bad news: it’s not going to be at all good for your weight.

Not getting enough sleep triggers cravings for caffeine and sugar, and slows down your metabolism (read our article on how to speed it up). Plus you’ll also have pretty much zero motivation to exercise. It all adds up to a lot of potential for weight gain. Those early nights are probably sounding a lot more attractive right now!

Limit Your Alcohol Intake: Planning to be knocking back the alcohol at college parties? You’re onto a sure-fire way to pack on extra pounds! Alcohol adds calories so if you’re a regular on the college party scene, you might want to rethink how much you’re putting away.

That’s not to say that you need to avoid partying altogether; just scale back on the alcoholic drinks or better still, swap them for non-alcoholic versions. Your head and your weight will thank you afterwards!

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Don’t Eat Alone: If you plan to be having your meals alone in your room, you’re on the fast track to overeating. You’re much better off switching this up and finding somewhere less isolated to eat. It doesn’t really matter where this is, just as long as it’s not all alone in complete solitude.

Studies have proven time and time again that we’re less likely to overeat when with others, as we spend more time talking and give our bodies more time to realize we’re full before we overeat.

Fight Your Cravings: No doubt you will get the munchies from time to time but instead of just giving into the urge to dig in and eat unhealthy snacks, try distracting yourself by doing something more productive to take your mind off it. Go for a walk, hit the gym or head off and make some new friends, for example. The trick is to keep your mind busy as boredom can be a big factor in comfort eating and mindless snacking.

Keep Treats Off Limit: If you’re thinking that you’ll be keeping treats in your room, it’s time to rethink that habit. Let’s be realistic – any treats that are in your room are going to be eaten in low moments or when you’re bored and it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll be avoid to avoid them. If they aren’t there, you’ll have to make a much bigger effort to go out and get them and you’ll probably realize that you don’t actually want them that much at all.

Save Treats for Weekends: You don’t have to deny yourself treats completely – just be selective with when you allow yourself to indulge. If you eat well in the week, you can relax the rules and let yourself have a treat or two without feeling guilty about it. Just as long as you don’t go totally crazy and undo your efforts from the week, of course!

Those aren’t so hard, are they? A few things to remember: study, and pin this so you can remind yourself down the road! 🙂