Reasons Why Acrylic Is Getting More Popular In the Past Years

It’s a well-known fact that acrylics are getting more popular. Many women with brittle nails are trying them out. It’s a great way to achieve long and strong looking nails. Acrylic nails are applied by mixing a liquid and a powder polymer in order to create a protective layer over your natural nails. Investing in acrylic nails pays off in the end; just imagine how much time you’ll be saving. They usually cost around $30, which is a right price for something that will guarantee you the best possible and long lasting results. There are few other reasons why acrylic nails have become popular in the past few years.

Manicurists are becoming more creative.

Ever since this method has been introduced to the beauty world, more and more manicurists were trying it out. Over the years, they’ve been able to perfect their craft. Nowadays, so much of them can create extraordinary designs that exceed clients’ expectations. Because of this explosion of creativity, acrylic nails have grown in their popularity: everyone wants to have unique nails. Larger cities have hundreds of manicurists whose works you can check on social media. But, even if you live in a smaller city, you’ll be able to find someone who does nails that fit your style.

They became better than all of the other older methods.

When acrylic nails just came out, many women had a tough decision to make: acrylic or gel? Women who want to look natural usually choose to have gel nails. However, those women who are ready for all kinds of experiments with their nails choose acrylic nails. The fact that acrylic nails are so strong makes them capable of enduring all kinds of crazy innovative designs. Acrylics are less expensive than gel nails, yet they last longer. When acrylics are applied, they can last for more extended periods of time with simple fill-ins.

Once you go acrylic, you won’t go back

So many women are practically addicted to acrylic nails. Who can blame them? Acrylics are pretty much a solution to all of our nail problems. Do you have weak nails? Are you not precise when applying nail polish? Are you becoming bored with regular nail polish styles? A solution to all of these issues is having acrylic nails. Merely knowing that each month you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of styles will make you continue choosing acrylics. Besides, in the past years, more manicurists are capable of customizing their styles to be more in line with clients’ wishes. Just imagine walking into a salon every month and knowing that you can have any nail style from your dreams (or from your Instagram feed). Acrylics are literally that dream becoming a reality.

People realized that they’re don’t have to be harmful to nails.

When acrylic nails were rising in their popularity, there was just one thing slowing that process down. That was the information that acrylic nails can damage your nails. Many people argued that the process of removing them breaks natural nails. This made those women who used acrylics to protect their natural nails to stop choosing acrylics. However, in the past years, many manicurists have come out and said that it’s all about who removes the acrylics and how. Those experienced manicurists are able to quickly remove them and without any pain. Using the right and clean tools is an essential part of this process. After this information spread among women, acrylics were getting more popular once again.

We have clearly seen a rise in popularity of acrylic nails in the past years. This popularity is to be expected given all of the benefits that they have over other methods. It’s always a fun trip to a manicurist when you know you can get any kind of design you dreamed of without worrying if the nails will be able to handle it.