9 Foods That Increase Metabolism

Foods that increase metabolism. 9 tasty foods that help you lose weight quicker by speeding up your metabolism! Find out about all 9 foods that boost metabolism by reading this article!

Quit starving yourself and give your metabolism a boost by eating! Sounds pretty good, huh? But not just any foods will work. In fact, some will even work against you and slow your metabolism, promoting weight gain.

But we’ll cut through all the mystery today, and provide you with a list of tasty foods that increase metabolism. Whether you’re looking to lose weight or just make it easier to maintain where you’re at, we’ve got you covered.

Egg Whites: Egg whites are full of amino acids, which are natural metabolism boosters. They also contain high amounts of protein which will keep your stomach full and give you lots of energy to get through your morning.

But there’s more! You’ll also get a nice serving of Vitamin D, something you don’t want to run low on. Why? Low levels of Vitamin D slows down weight loss by increasing the production of the hormones which cause you to feel hungry.

Spicy Peppers: Hot peppers increase metabolism significantly thanks to a wonderful chemical known as capsaicin. This encourages the body to release stress hormones, which boost metabolism and help to burn more calories. They can also be a great source of Vitamin C.

Don’t like the heat? No problem! Learn how you can still take advantage of the benefits of capsaicin, and get a few great recipe ideas in our article Capsaicin for Weight Loss.

foods that speed up metabolism

Grapefruits: Studies have shown that eating half a grapefruit before meals caused noticeable weight loss thanks to a reduction in insulin levels, which has a positive effect on metabolism and encourages weight loss. Hungry and not quite time to eat yet? Try a little grapefruit!

Turkey: Turkey has been proven to promote weight loss and increase metabolism while also being low in fat and rich in nutrients such as zinc, folic acid, potassium, and B vitamins.

The high amounts of protein you’ll find in turkey also help to build and maintain lean muscle, while helping you stay feeling full — something that is obviously very important if you’re looking to lose weight.

Oatmeal: It’s heart healthy and full of vital nutrients, and has many benefits for weight loss. Oatmeal also helps you to prevent hunger and provides vital energy to avoid slumps throughout the day.

Eating oatmeal for breakfast is a great way to kick start your metabolism in the early hours. Look for the most natural version available, rather than instant oatmeal (which doesn’t have the same benefits).
metabolism boosting foods

Water: Yep! Just regular ole water is a huge metabolism booster. Being Dehydrated slows down your metabolism and stops your body from functioning effectively, so not drinking plenty of water can prevent you from losing weight.

Adequate hydration has lots of benefits for good health, including optimum energy, removing toxins and improving digestion. Drinking cold water before meals has been shown to help the body to burn more calories by speeding up metabolism.

The weight loss benefits of water are proven. One study found that those who drank 17 oz of water (or about 2 glasses) 30 minutes before meals saw their metabolism increase by 30%, leading to 9.48 pounds of weight loss over just 12 weeks.

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Green Tea: If you’re sick of water but still want a drink that will increase your metabolism, have some green tea. Studies have shown that green tea boosts your resting metabolism by 4%, which means you’ll burn an additional 80 calories per day without making any other changes!

Have a cup of green tea with each meal and you’ll not only increase your metabolism, but also boost the rate at which your body burns fat by 17%. What’s not to love about that??

Milk: High calcium consumption has been shown to speed up metabolism, which will increase how quickly you are burning fat. It’s also a terrific post workout choice since it supports building and maintaining lean muscle.

Building muscle is important because your body working to increase strength also means a boost to your metabolism. Studies have shown that drinking milk after a workout led to muscle gains of 60% more over a 3 month period compared to those who drank only a sports drink.

Whole Grains: Whole grains are much more effective at helping the body to burn fat compared to their processed counterparts. This is largely because they are harder to break down and make the body work harder.

We already discussed a great whole grain choice in oatmeal, and you can’t go wrong with brown rice either. Both are also rich in fiber which will keep you from feeling hungry between meals.

Remember that increasing your metabolism doesn’t have to mean exercising like crazy or eating weird foods of which you’ve never heard. Just add these metabolism boosting foods to your diet and you’ll be set! BTW, be sure to pin this in case you need a reminder later!