8 Belly Fat Burning Foods

Tummy fat burning foods that taste great too! 8 foods that help you get rid of stomach fat quick. Love every single bite while still burning fat by eating the 8 foods in this article!

Getting rid of belly fat is a goal that basically everyone has had, and struggled with, at one point or another. But despite its “popularity,” it’s still the area that causes us the most trouble and is surrounded by the most mystery.

Everyone knows if you want to strengthen your tummy muscles, you do an ab routine. But what should you be eating? Is there anything that tastes good and will still allow you to burn fat around your belly? Absolutely!

Read on to learn about 8 great-tasting belly fat burning foods.

Fresh fruit of every variety: Fruits are so full of antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, water content, and fiber that they’re sure to fill you up and keep you nourished and hydrated throughout the day. You’ll stay feeling full and won’t be tempted to overeat since you’re getting plenty of nutrients.

Vegetables: As with fruit, vegetables are great belly fat burning foods because they’re full of vitamins and trace minerals, as well as lots of fiber that fills the belly and helps the body burn fat.

Many vegetables are also high in water content and protein. Celery is about 95% water, for example, which will fill you up and help break down other foods while quieting cravings for sweets or other snacks.

tummy fat burning foods

Skim milk: Skim milk doesn’t have the dairy fat of other milk varieties so it won’t upset your stomach and lead to bloating and other unpleasant symptoms. It’s also packed full of protein and vitamins that help you to avoid hunger and build lean muscle.

More lean muscle means you will burn more calories naturally everyday. Your body will turn to fat stores, like those around your tummy, when it needs energy to burn meaning a less flabby, stronger you!

Oatmeal: Oats and other sources of fiber also fill you up, and fiber bind to foods so that they break down more easily. This leads to you feeling less hungry and your body doing a better job of absorbing nutrients from the foods you eat.

So what exactly does that mean for the flab around your belly? Since you’ll feel less hungry and more nourished between meals, you’ll avoid mindless snacking and your body will turn to burning belly fat for energy.

Cottage cheese: Don’t be fooled by the phrase, “cottage cheese thighs,” as this doesn’t apply to body fat produced by cottage cheese; it only refers to the cellulite that has the same bumpy appearance!

Cottage cheese is actually a very low-calorie, low-fat option for your diet that fills you up and keeps cravings at bay. You can pair it with fresh fruit for added nutrition and just a touch of natural sugar that satisfies a sweet tooth, while still burning that unsightly belly fat.

Fish: Fish is a lean source of low-calorie, low-fat protein that fills your belly and keeps you from feeling hungry between meals. The oil in fish varieties like tuna, salmon, and mackerel help to break down other foods and move them along the digestive tract.

This prevents you from getting bloated and suffering from constipation and other digestive disorders that make your tummy look big and swollen. If you’re already to that point, check out our article on how to get rid of bloating.

Eggs: Another terrific source of lean protein, eggs have are also low-calorie and perfectly healthy as part of a balanced, low-cholesterol diet. The high protein content will help to build lean muscle and burn fat stores around your body.

Water, water, and more water: Water fills you up and flushes out toxins in the digestive system, so your body works better at moving foods through the intestines; in turn, you won’t get bloated or hold so much belly fat.

Drinking water also helps you to calm cravings and not eat so much at each meal, reducing your belly fat. If you don’t like plain water, drop a few slices of lemons and fresh cherries into your water bottle and sip throughout the day.

It’s also been shown to prevent headaches and improve mood, among many other benefits such as burning fat and improved digestion.

I hope this has given you more than few ideas about foods that burn belly fat. As you’ve seen, most come with many, many other benefits as well, so what’s not to love? Don’t forget to pin this in case you need a reminder a few months down the road!