6 Natural Fat Burners

Natural ways to burn fat. 6 quick ways to lose weight safe and natural. Reach your goal weight in a hurry! Find out about all 6 fast ways to lose weight naturally in this article!

Shredding that extra layer of fat doesn’t have to mean working out non-stop and eating only tasteless microwave diet meals. There’s actually a number of natural fat burners you can add into your diet today that will speed up your results starting with your first bite.

Some work by increasing your metabolism, while others increase the rate at which your body turns to fat when it needs to burn calories for energy. But what they all do is help you reach your goals faster.

Read on and you’re sure to be surprised just how many great tasting options you’ve been avoiding which will actually help your body burn fat faster!

Foods High in Iron: Nearly 20% of us are deficient in iron. Why is that concerning? Because when your body lacks a nutrient, your metabolism will slow meaning your burn fewer calories.

Keep your metabolism humming and your body burning fat by making sure you’re getting plenty of nutrients, including iron, in your diet. Try a cup of lentils, which packs 35% of your daily iron requirement and 18g of protein.(1)

Low-Fat Dairy Products: These will be high in calcium and vitamin D which help to preserve and maintain lean muscle. This is especially important if you’re losing weight.

Why? Your body needs to use more calories to maintain muscle, meaning you burn more fat every single day just by going about your normal life!(2)

And it doesn’t stop there. You’ll also get a good dose of protein, where 30% of the calories it contains will be burned by your body just to process it!

Chili Peppers: These get their kick from a compound known as capsaicin which turns up your body heat. This stimulates the rate at which your body uses energy, meaning you’ll burn calories and fat faster.(3)

The effects remain whether you take the peppers raw, cooked, dried, or even powdered. Spice up your eggs or whole grain turkey sandwich with a little hot sauce or cayenne. And don’t worry, chili peppers are just 30 calories per 1/2 cup.

Whole Grains: Turning to whole grain foods rather than their processed counterparts is a no-brainer if you’re looking to burn fat and feel full longer.

Why? Your body burns twice as many calories breaking down foods high in whole grain than it does with less nutritious processed foods like white bread.(4)

Make the change in your diet by using simple substitutes like starting your morning with oatmeal rather than cereal and choosing brown rice rather than white.

Lean Proteins: Meats high in lean protein like chicken are already a fantastic idea because they’re a great-tasting low-calorie source of protein your body is always craving.

But they’ll help your body burn fat too! Lean proteins are highly thermogenic, with about 30% of the calories they contain being used by your body to break them down.(5)

That means a 300-calorie chicken breast will burn around 90 calories just being digested. Just a few other tasty options for lean proteins are tuna, eggs, and turkey.

Green Tea: If you’re looking to naturally burn fat, green tea should be one of the first things to which you turn.

Add a cup of green tea to each meal and you’ll increase the rate your body breaks down fat for energy by a whopping 17%.(6)

You’ll also boost your daily resting metabolism by 4%, which translates to an additional 80 calories burned per day without any other changes!(7)

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