5 Foods That Get Rid of Fat Fast

Foods that help you lose fat fast. 5 tasty foods that will increase your metabolism and curb your hunger! Lose stomach fat fast by eating the 5 foods that burn fat in this article!

Looking to get rid of stomach fat but not quite getting the results you’re after? Want to speed up weight loss by eating foods that have been proven to increase your metabolism, kill hunger, and oh yeah — that taste great too?

Well, this article is perfect for you then because we’ve put together a list of our favorite fat blasting foods that will have you looking amazing in your favorite outfit without hating every meal! Read on to see the full list…

Grapefruit: If you’re only going to pick one food from this list, then be sure it’s grapefruit. Why? Because the acidity of grapefruit helps to slow your digestion, meaning you’ll be free from hunger for a very long time, while also reducing the risk of overeating.

But wait, there’s more! Researchers have found that eating just half a grapefruit before meals caused significant, noticeable weight loss due to the reduction in insulin levels it causes. This boosts your metabolism, leading to quick weight loss and a flat stomach!

Chili Peppers: You’re in luck if you love a little spice! Chili peppers contain high levels of capsaicin, which gives them the heat you love so much. But the wonderful thing is that they also increase your metabolism and how quickly your body burns belly fat!

Need some ideas on how to mix them into your meals? Take a look at our article on just that subject, where we’ve put together a nice list of some of our favorite recipes featuring chili peppers (don’t worry, they’re also low calorie and high in protein)!

Oatmeal: It’s wonderful for your heart and full of essential nutrients, and yep… it has many benefits for weight loss! Oatmeal will help you cut fat by stopping hunger and cravings, while also giving you plenty of energy to get you through your day.

It boosts metabolism, so try having some oatmeal for breakfast and you’ll start your day off with your body burning calories at full blast! Just be sure to go with the most natural version available, rather than instant oatmeal (which doesn’t have the same benefits).

Green Tea: Trying to lose weight but sick to death of drinking nothing but flavorless water? Have a nice cup of green tea! Studies have shown that green tea boosts your resting metabolism by 4%, meaning you’ll burn an additional 80 calories per day without making any other changes!

And you can really kick things into high gear by having a cup of green tea with each meal, because it’s not just a metabolism booster. Researchers have found that a cup with each meal increased the rate at which your body burns fat by 17% — not so bad, right?!

Vegetables: Looking to kill that tummy fat in a hurry? It’s time to up your veggies (the right ones)! Why do vegetables help burn stomach fat? For starters, they’re packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber that keep you feeling full while still keeping your calorie intake low.

Some, like celery, are up to 95% water meaning you can eat to your heart’s content. You’ll also get a nice metabolism boost as your body works to break it down. Try pairing your celery with moderate amounts of cottage cheese, which is high in protein.

Now, say goodbye to that awful belly fat! And be sure to pin this in case you want to refer back to it later! 🙂

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