5 Best Breakfast Foods for Weight Loss

Weight loss breakfast foods. Start your day off right! Learn the 5 best breakfast foods for weight loss by reading this article and reach your weight loss goals even faster!

Nothing can ruin a diet quicker than giving into those morning hunger pangs that come screaming as soon as you wake up. Every one of us who’s ever tried to lose weight has been there!

But ignoring it won’t just make you miserable, it could also lead you to overeating later. Keep your sanity and keep enjoying food by adding some of the 5 best breakfast foods for weight loss you’ll see below to your morning meal!

They’re great tasting, low-calorie, and packed with nutrients. Most also come with plenty of protein that will keep you going through your morning with a full, satisfied tummy.

Weight Loss Breakfast Foods

Wild Salmon: Just 3 ounces of salmon will give you huge amounts of protein, 17g to be exact, that will power you through those mid-morning hunger cravings with no thoughts of giving into snack temptations — all at only 177 calories!

Why wild and not farmed salmon? While both come with tons of healthy omega-3s, farmed salmon is bulked up for weight by being fed soy food pellets. This increases unwanted omega-6s (which promotes inflammation) significantly.

While 3g of wild Alaskan salmon contains only 114mg of omega-6, farmed varieties come with a whopping 1900! Try pairing your wild salmon breakfast with a slice of whole-wheat toast for a great tasting low-calorie meal that’s packed with protein and other healthy goodies.

Whole Eggs: Start the morning with 2 whole eggs and you’ll get 12g of protein to keep you full until lunch — all at just 155 calories. It’s also high in the fat-burning nutrient choline, meaning your body will turn to fat rather than glucose when it needs to burn something for energy.

But it doesn’t stop there! Choline is also an important nutrient for promoting the healthy function of your brain and liver. Begin each morning with a couple of eggs and you’ll have a tasty meal that’s extremely beneficial in both weight loss and general health!

Watermelon: While it is a bit high in sugar, watermelon comes with some impressive weight loss benefits. Recent research has shown that it may lower levels of weight gain by 30% and levels of LDL cholesterol (aka the bad cholesterol) by 50%.

Start your day with a slice of watermelon and two eggs for a low-calorie breakfast which will move you closer to your weight loss goal and keep your mind clear and not focused on your next meal!

Green Tea: We’ve been pushing the benefits of green tea here at Young Hip Fit for a while now, but that’s only because if you’re looking to lose weight you really can’t go wrong by choosing green tea.

Green tea boosts fat oxidation by 17%, which is a fancy way of saying your body will choose to burn more fat when it needs energy. It also raises your resting metabolism by 4%, which translates to an additional 80 calories burned per day without making any other changes to your lifestyle!

Grapefruit: They’re only about 75 calories (after all, a grapefruit is 90% water) and contain loads of Vitamin C which helps your body burn fat. And you’ll also get 15g of pectin, which works as an appetite suppressant to get you through those mid-morning cravings.

But you know what’s best of all? It’s been proven! A recent study of obese adults found that those who ate half a grapefruit before each meal lost an average of 3.5lbs over 12 weeks. It works by lowering your insulin levels, a hormone which promotes fat storage.

In a hurry? Grapefruit juice works just as good (almost)! The same study found those who only drank grapefruit juice before each meal still lost 3.3lbs. Just make sure you’re getting 100% juice as blended choices often come packed with hidden calories.

Hopefully this has given you some great options to start your mornings right and keep your diet on track! Be sure to pin this so you can refer back to it later, and make sure to follow us on Pinterest if you don’t already! :))