25 High Protein Vegan Foods

  1. Do vegans get enough protein?
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One of the biggest challenges facing those of us staying vegan is ensuring that we’re getting the necessary amount of protein in our daily diet. But turning to the same old tired sources day after day isn’t just boring, you’re also costing yourself vital nutrients by eating the same things day in, day out.

Don’t risk comprising your diet, no matter what your reasons are for following it, by pretending you’re a robot that needs no variety. Scan the list below and add in what works for your personal tastes and fitness goals. Try something new, you might be surprised how much you like it!

Remember to take into account your daily caloric goal/needs. Some items you’ll see below (like peanut butter) are a great high protein food for vegans but also come loaded with calories.

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Do vegans get enough protein?

It depends, but the answer is probably. While the average daily recommended intake of protein is just 42 grams per day, most of us are getting much more than that. Non-vegetarians obviously eat more (close to 80g per day on average), but your typical vegan still averages about 70 grams per day, comfortably above the needed amount and nowhere near approaching dangerous levels.

Use the list below to vary your nutrient sources and keep your meals interesting, or to add to your daily intake level if you’re looking to build lean muscle (shoot for about 1g per pound of lean body mass per day if so).

List of high protein vegetarian foods

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